Reference Letter

November 16, 2000

Dear Sir or Madam,

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Ray Hanninen. Ray worked on our project from March 1999-October 2000. Our project consisted of renovating a large "lodge" building, renovating a personal residence, renovating three cabins, constructing two new cabins, a laundry/sauna building, a work shop, and a garage. During much of this time, we remained in our home in the Chicago area, leaving the majority of responsibility for the job to Ray.

During this time, Ray was responsible for overseeing a crew of as many as 10, plus as many as 8 subcontractors. Ray's duties included all facets of the building process, and his knowledge and expertise with construction methods and engineering issues was invaluable on many occasions as were his creative problem solving skills. In renovation, many unexpected problems arise, and Ray was responsible for identifying these, determining the most cost-effective solution, and implementing that solution. He coordinated the activities and timing of all subcontractors, including heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, excavation, concrete, materials ordering and handling, roofing, dry wall, sandblasting and painting, flooring, and finish carpentry. Ray acted as the liason between myself, my father (who worked as the project manager) and the crew and subcontractors. In short, he ran the job!

During our 19 months of work, Ray and his crew were unfailingly prompt, courteous, dependable and trustworthy. Jobs were finished on time, and are of the highest quality. His attention to detail and concern for both quality and cost made him invaluable to our project. On many occasions, Ray identified issues before they came up and had solutions ready when the subcontractor or crew person raised the question. He clearly communicated with us any problems, suggested solutions, and moved forward as instructed. When we changed our minds, Ray discussed the impact of the changes and took care of any issues that arose as a result of the change. And, the job was finished above and beyond our expectations.

In case it isn't already clear, we could not be happier with the quality of work, the work ethics, and the integrity of Ray Hanninen and his crew. Ray made a difficult job easier, improved it with his insights and suggestions, and is the reason we have so much to be proud of now. We have Ray to thank.


Gary and Denise Knaus
Camp Kiwadinipi